Q&A With Cardinals TE Anthony Becht
By Kevin K

The Philly Phans continue to promote the Anthony Becht Football Camp and Golf Outing and had the opportunity to talk with Anthony one-on-one about the Camp, Golf Outing, and other things.

Anthony continues to be a role model for children in the area and really enjoys what he does to help the community.

KK What advice do you have for children who want to become a professional athlete or look up to a professional athlete?

aving aspirations of being a professional athlete is great. The best advice for kids playing sports is to play as many as possible and have fun. Sports is a great tool to enter college and get an education for free. If the opportunity where to present itself in college level, then getting a chance to play pro ball would be great.  We as athletes have a responsibility to make sure that we give back and take time to cultivate the futures of young children. We are very visible in the media, and we all have a responsibility to do so.

KK Who was your favorite athlete growing up and why?

My favorite athlete when I was growing up was Joe Montana and Will Clark (baseball player). These guys were great leaders and winners on there teams. Watching them have so much success and become champions drove you as a athlete to be just like them, and work hard everyday on the field to do so.

KK How did you get to the Professional level you are at now?

1/10th of 1% of all college athletes get a oppotunity to play at the professional level.  Hard work, accountability, and discipline are the 3 things that I can say that I patterned my career from. Doing well in school as a student/athlete was most important because I knew that without my grades it didn't matter how good of an athlete I was, I wouldn't have even got a chance.

KK Who do you contribute most of your learning/athletic ability to? (family wise)

Obviously growing up with a great family who supported me thru all of my years helps greatly. The values which I have obtained from the parents are priceless. The athletic side of me was a product of hard work. When people said I couldn't, I did. That mentality is a strong driving force for anyone and I beleive in that.

Lets talk about your camp

KK When and where is your camp?

My football camp is 6/28-30 at Monsignor Bonner High School for any boys and girls going into 4th - 8th grade next year.  

KK Why did you start the camp?

I started my camp in 2006 because I felt I was in a point in my career that I had established my self in the NFL. And it was time to share the fruits of my work and upbringing to the youth. We better place to start it then in my home town.

KK Which NFL Players (besides yourself) have been a part of the camp in the past?

Many NFL players from the past have come to teach the kids like: Vinny Testaverde, Chris Hovan, Luke Pettigout, Chad Pennington, Aaron Beasley, Terry Kirby, Kijana Carter, and many more.

KK Which NFL player do you plan on having this year?

This years line up is great also: Larry Fitzgerald and Gerald Hayes from the Cardinals, plus many more.

KK Do you do anything other then football drills?

Among football drills the kids are taught valuable lessons in life outside of the game when we have our pro's give a speech everyday at lunch. For me that is the best because the kids are extremely attentive and ifwe can reach out and help just one of them, then I succeeded.

KK What if a person doesn't have children, is there any other way they can get involved with you and other NFL players?

For all of those people who don't have children or would like to rub elbows with me for a little while can come to the 2010 Anthony Becht/Bonner Football Golf Classic on June 14,2010.

KK Where is the Golf Outing and how much does it cost?

AB: The Golf Outing is
at Waynesborough Country Club in Paoli, Pa.  We have some great prizes from Nike and fabulous hole in one giveaways.  There is lunch and dinner at the club with a silent auction during event. It cost $250 per person an there are some foursomes available.

KK Where can I get more information about the Camp and Golf Outing?

You can sign up for the golf event by contacting Tom Millison at 484-557-8143 or go on my website at www.anthonybechtfootballcamp.com to register.

KK What are your plans for Post-Career?

The future for me after football I hope is bright. I have met many people over 11 years in the NFL. And with that planting seeds for the future. TV is a big interest for me moving forward, whether that is football or movie related. I love the game of football and it is a great way to stay close to the game.

KK Are you involved with anything now that you want people to know about?

Currently I have helped launch a new business called Numis Network. It is a great opportunity for people to make a great residual income and collect and build weath in the process.

KK When and where can I learn more about the Numis Network?

AB: I am launching an event at the Drexelbrook in Drexel Hill, Pa at 7pm on June 13, 2010 for anyone that is interested in learning about this great opportunity. It is a very casual event and all are welcome as my guests. For more information about company go to www.numisnetwork.com/becht.

Thank you Anthony for your time, I hope everything is successful for you, and I hope you have a good season and have a good Football Camp


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