Thank You!
By Kevin K

The Philly Phans is now officially one year old. On March 5th, 2010 I was told that I post way too much Philly Sports news on my Facebook page. I was then told that I should start my own “fan page” where I would post all Philadelphia Sports updates. That page quickly turned into a Twitter account then into a blog.

Now we are one year old, 2200 “likes” on our Facebook page, 700 followers on Twitter, and hundreds of views per day on our website and we have you to thank for it.

Over the past year I have dedicated myself to keeping up to date with all news Philly Sports. My goal coming in was to keep everyone updated up to the second Philly Sports news breaks, while even breaking some news myself. 

I do not get paid for blogging; I do not want to get paid for blogging. I do this for the sure enjoyment it brings to me and all of you. I like hearing about how much people “like our Facebook page” and how The Philly Phans updates things before anyone else sees it. Yes I know my writing isn’t the greatest to read sometimes, and I have common mistakes, but I thoroughly enjoy every second I put into the page because I know there are Die Hard Philadelphia Phans that are reading what I am posting. I enjoy every comment made on the page, even the ones that criticize out page or want to break news before us.  

We have dedicated ourselves over the past year to keep the Philly Phans family friendly and to eliminate all forms of cursing and racism. Yes I know that Philly Phans curse, but my goal has always been to keep the page clean from inappropriate language and we haven’t had many problems with it over the past year.

I want to thank all of you who have and continue to promote the Philly Phans on your Facebook or in a public place. Without your support and promotion, we would most likely be at an end already.

I want to thank the Philly Blogosphere for accepting the Philly Phans into the world of blogging and updating. Some blogs have accepted us from the beginning, while others still don’t give us a second look. But for those who have accepted us and continue to promote us I thank you.  

From Breaking Philly Sports news, to the Dom Brown Spring Training Hit Tracker, I am proud that I am a Philadelphia Phan and that I have all of your support.

A special thanks to Patrick and Jack of the D-League Show for helping promote the Philly Phans and allowing me to call in and talk Eagles football with them during the Playoffs.  You can listen to the D-League Show every Wednesday at 8pm here or check out blogs from across the country on their page.

Also, huge thanks to the following blogs Team to Beat, Philly Sports Girl, PHL Sports Fan, Crossing Broad, Upon Official Review, Brotherly Game, and Baseball Ladies for their constant support and appreciation to the page. These bloggers believed in the Philly Phans from the start and continue to do so.

Thank you to the Philly athletes who have done Question and Answer sessions with me. Especially Leonard Weaver, Stewart Bradley, and Kyle Kendrick

I would like to take this time to also thank my family, friends, and girlfriend who have to put up with me updating the Philly Phans whenever Breaking News happens. I am a pain in the butt sometimes but they believe in me and believe in this page.

Thank you for a great year Philly Phans! We hope to continue to bring you the best coverage in Philly Sports.



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