Union's Ruiz doesn't like criticism
By Kevin K

HELLO! Carlos, you signed on with a Philadelphia team in February ... did no one fill you in on how you would be treated if you don't play well? Sure you don't like to be criticized, but that is the nature of the Philly Phan.

In case you missed it last night Philly Sports Daily reported that Ruiz was "affected by criticism" of his play and didn't enjoy his time in Philadelphia.

Right now of all times? Players are currently taking less money (Lee, Asomugha) to come and play IN PHILADELPHIA. Sure we criticize players, coaches, owners ... but hey someone should have warned you before you signed here.

But Carlos, just to let you know, we were in full support of you. When you came to take your picture at CBP with the Phillies Carlos Ruiz it was awesome. We even supported you when you played for your national team in Mexico and scored a goal. That made us extremely happy for you and the Union. You represented and that was great!

Now you come onto this team and lead it in goals only to walk out on them. I have to be honest with you, you look awful right now from walking away.

In a time when people want to be here, you take go and do something like this, really?

Carlos, I truly wish you good luck, but you will NEVER be forgiven by me for walking out on Philadelphia, on your team, and on the fans. You truly are not an example of a team player.


Bill Prendergast
07/30/2011 12:44

Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooch (that is slang for vagina)


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