Le Toux is Clutch
By Kevin K

Philly fans love dramatic victories and that is exactly what the Union consistently have done this season. The Union continue to have last minute victories this season, and Saturday's game was no different.

The Union jumped to a lead in the sixty first minute with a beautiful pass from Le Toux to Fiscal for a Union lead.

In the eighty first minute Toronto found the equalizer with a goal from Barrett.

The Union needed extra time to defeat Toronto. With only seconds left in the game, in what seemed like a disappointing tie for the Union, a handball in the box set up a dramatic penalty kick for the Union and Le Toux.

The Union's leading scorer made no mistake, driving the ball past Toronto's goal keeper for the goal and the dramatic win at PPL Park.

The Union's first season is turning out to be a good one as they do not disappoint the home fans. The Union have only lost one game in Philadelphia so far this season and continue to impress the home fans.

Philly CAN BE a Soccer Town
By Kevin K

Soccer, the sport everyone grows up playing. With the thrill of competition in all aspects of the game. Philly can be accepting to Soccer and the MLS.

There is no doubt in my mind about this. It was truly thrilling to see the U.S. make a run at the World Cup the same year soccer came into Philadelphia (well Chester to be exact).

Yes it is a very low scoring sport, but so is hockey (and Philly LOVES hockey). Some of the best athletes in the world play soccer and the best part is, you don't have to bulk yourself up to play. A man of average size (5 Foot 8 Inches) can be the best at the game, but a man of that size cannot succeed in a sport like football.

Soccer is a constant thrill ride. It is filled with action, strategy, and progression.

It is a world-wide sport that entire countries shut down to watch.

The Philadelphia Union came to Philly and is already a very loved team. It has it's supporters and it's haters (much like the NBA and NHL), but it is succeeding. The team SOLD OUT season ticket plans, and are almost sold out of tickets for the season (IN THEIR FIRST YEAR).

Philly is getting behind the Union and is slowly giving the Union the support it needs to succeed.

The Union love the home crowd of the Philly Faithful and have shown it by never giving up during a home game. They never give up with the backing of the Philadelphia Fan Base and the Sons of Ben.

Philly Fans can get behind players that do not know the word quit, like Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Chris Pronger, Mike Richards, Roy Halladay, Jamie Moyer, DeSean Jackson, Brent Celek, Stewart Bradley, Brian Dawkins, Brian Westbrook, and Jrue Holiday. Coming onto this list and making a name for themselves are Danny Mwanga and Sebastian Le Toux.

This is why Philly CAN BE a soccer town .....