How I See It
By Kevin K

Every time I look at a bracket I see Villanova in the Final Four. Their bracket is the easiest bracket in the tournament. They will have some trouble in the tournament, but as they continue to win they will build confidence. I think Duke is the most overrated number 1 in the Tournament and I expect Texas A&M. I can see the Nova playing West Virginia in the Final Four, and possibly be in the championship, yea I know that is scary.

Temple is completely underrated, and is going to have a difficult time against Cornell. The head coach of Cornell is the former assistant to Fran Dunphy, and the two teams play pretty much the same game. Temple will get by Cornell and actually go to the sweet sixteen, the downside is that is when they will play Kentucky, and lose.

Keeping High Hopes for the two Big 5 teams .... and my boys the University of Maryland Terrapins.


07/18/2012 08:07

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