Flyers get crushed by Bruins
By Kevin K

The downside of today is that the Flyers got crushed 7-3 at the hands of the Bruins in Game One of the series. The upside of the day is that it was only Game One. The Flyers only find themselves down one game in the series and not three (right now that is) like they were last year.

This is still hope for this ever fighting Flyers squad.

The problem now is the problem the Flyers faced in the first round ... who is in net? Let the goalie carousal continue; however, if I were Laviolette I would do what he did all season and split the starts between Bob and Boosh. I know it's not the "playoff" thing to do, but the one starting goalie thing for the Flyers hasn't worked yet in the Playoffs, so why not do what worked.

Of course we will know more about the Game Two starting goalie prior to the game on Monday, and (once again) we will keep you updated on it.
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Second Round Rematch: Flyers/Bruins Preview
By, Casey Simpkins

On Tuesday, we saw the conclusion of perhaps the strangest first round series we will ever see.  The Flyers made history, becoming the first team to start three different goaltenders in a series since 1988.  We saw Brian Boucher have perhaps the worst game of his career, and then rebound with a strong performance, outperforming Ryan Miller to secure a Flyers victory in Game 7.  Speaking of Miller, he went from almost single handedly winning the Sabres this series, to getting pulled early in the third period in Game 7.  So much for the Buffalo goaltending advantage being the key to Game 7, huh Matt Barnaby?

So, with all that being said, the Flyers will open up the second round against the Boston Bruins for the second year in a row this Saturday at 3pm, but this one will be at home.  We all know the Flyers made history last season against Boston, coming back after being down 3-0 in the series, and 3-0 in Game 7, but this is a new season, and a new series. 

When analyzing this series on paper, it’s not much different than the last.  Once again, the Flyers are the more balanced offensively, and with Chris Pronger back in action, have the advantage defensively as well.  Though the Flyers leading goal scorer in the regular season, Jeff Carter, is day to day, he is expecting to return at some point during the series.  However, even without Carter, the Flyers are still the more potent team offensively, as the Bruins leading regular season scorer would only rank fifth on the Flyers roster.

Once again, the only advantage the opposition has over the Flyers is goaltending.  After facing a tough test in the form of Ryan Miller, the Flyers must now face this year’s likely Vezina Trophy winner, Tim Thomas.  Thomas has an unorthodox style in net, but you can’t argue against his NHL record .938 save percentage in the regular season.  After the Flyers experimented with three different goaltenders in the quarterfinals, they seem to have found their man in Brian Boucher.  As Barry Melrose put it on Sportscenter last night, Boucher doesn’t have to win this series, he just has to not lose it.  If Boucher does as he did in Game 7 against Buffalo, the goaltending factor is not as major as it may seem on paper.  Also, it’s important to note that the Bruins posted an abysmal 0 for 21 on the powerplay, which should definitely make Boucher and the Flyers feel a little more comfortable defensively.

So, my pick is the Flyers in 6.  Aside from one game in the opening series, we saw the Flyers play with the same relentless attitude they did in last year’s playoffs.  In addition, we saw my favorite Flyer, James van Riemsdyk, play with a confidence and aggressiveness we have not yet seen from him, but we hope to see for years to come.  With a lack of offensive firepower on the Bruins roster, and the Flyers powerplay coming to life late in the first series, the Flyers will be too much for Tim Thomas and company to handle.  Lastly, my player of the series is going to have to be Claude Giroux, who had an extremely quiet 9 points in the opening series, and should add on to that significantly by the time he’s through with Boston.


Game 1: Sat. April 30th - 3:00 on NBC (in Philadelphia)
Game 2: Mon. May 2nd - 7:30 on VERSUS (in Philadelphia)
Game 3: Wed. May 4th - 7:00 on VERSUS (in Boston)
Game 4: Fri. May 6th - 8:00 on VERSUS (in Boston)
Game 5*: Sun. May 8th - 3:00 on NBC (in Philadelphia)
Game 6*: Tues. May 10th - TBD on VERSUS (in Boston)
Game 7*: Thurs. May 12th - TBD on VERSUS (in Philadelphia)

* = if necessary

Flyers vs Bruins: NHL Playoff Schedule

Game 1: Sat. April 30th - 3:00 on NBC (in Philadelphia)
Game 2: Mon. May 2nd - 7:30 on VERSUS (in Philadelphia)
Game 3: Wed. May 4th - 7:00 on VERSUS (in Boston)
Game 4: Fri. May 6th - 8:00 on VERSUS (in Boston)
Game 5*: Sun. May 8th - 3:00 on NBC (in Philadelphia)
Game 6*: Tues. May 10th - TBD on VERSUS (in Boston)
Game 7*: Thurs. May 12th - TBD on VERSUS (in Philadelphia)

* = if necessary
Moment 1: The Comeback
By Kevin K

Philadelphia loves a come back story ... especially one that deals with the Flyers coming back down 0-3 in the series against Boston and winning. Didn't hear about it? Need I remind you!

Every Flyers fan will remember where they were when the Flyers came back down 0-3 in the series to come back and win the series.

Game 7 tells the story of this series against the Bruins ...... Boston races out to a 3-0 lead, but the Flyers slowly chip back by stealing a goal at the end of the first to cut the lead to 3-1. Then The Flyers explode in the second period with two more goals to tie the game 3-3.

3-3, hmm that sound familiar. The series and game was tied 3-3 in the third period, then your star and game changer, Simon Gagne, put it past Rask for the lead and ultimately the win for the Flyers!

They did it! They made history tonight! The Flyers are the third team in NHL history and fourth team in Professional Sports history to come back down 0-3 to win the series. The last team to do it was the Red Sox in 2004 against the Yankees, that team won the World Series.

Can you believe it?

After the game, Coach Peter Laviolette said, "Games 7's are made for men and those are men in there".

The Flyers fought back and beat the Bruins in historical fashion. This series epitomized Philadelphia Sports in 2010.

The Comeback as one may say, sums up 2010 Philly Sports in just that .... a comeback.

Whether it was the Flyers over the Bruins, the Eagles over the Giants, the Union over Toronto, or the Comeback of Doug Collins and the 76ers or even the Comeback of Cliff Lee with the Philadelphia Phillies ..... 2010 can be described by only one word: Comeback.
Game 7 Preview
By Kevin K

"Great moments... are born from great opportunity. And that's what you have here, tonight, boys. That's what you've earned here tonight ...... Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight, we stay with them. And we shut them down because we can!"

Tonight the Philadelphia Flyers go against all odds in Game 7 against the Bruins. Just one week ago the Flyers were down 0-3 in the series and one game away from elimination.

Just one week ago I wrote this, "There is no words that can describe the disgrace of the Flyers tonight. I will not allow excuses or fans saying "at least we were in the Playoffs". NO, PLEASE STOP ! The Flyers haven't won a Stanley Cup in 35 years! It has gotten so bad that I have to watch and re-watch the Broad Street Bullies Documentary that was on HBO last night just for a taste of the Stanley Cup. I am sick of this. No one stepping up and no one scoring goals. The Flyers are allowing a defensive team, who normally can't score goals, own them. I am sick of it. I put my heart and soul behind this team thinking that they could do something special, obviously once again I was wrong."

I am now eating those words. Yes the Flyers, the team that has the ability to do something special are. They came back in this series with goal scoring, defense, and great goal-tending. The Flyers have also had Lady Luck on their side, with the return of Gagne and Leighton.

Just those two moves alone helped the Flyers get back in the series and rejuvenate this team. The Flyers are now one game away from history, and I think they can do it ..... scratch that, I know they can do it.

Chris Pronger and Mike Richards are leading by example for the team and will get this teams head into game 7 in Boston. I believe that these two men will get the teams heart racing .... and ready to defeat the Bruins.

One game at a time. There is no focus on Montreal right now, the focus is clearly set on the Boston Bruins. It is time for the Flyers to be apart of history.

Fans, do not be surprised if Rask is pulled for the Bruins tomorrow in favor of Timmy Thomas .... who was the backup goalie for Team U.S.A. during the Olympics and an All Star Goalie for the NHL.

It is time to step up, play hard, and never give up. "It ain't about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit & how much you can take & keep moving forward."

Flyers Back From the Dead
By Kevin K

There are moments that a sports fan will never forget, this win and series versus the Bruins is one of those moments. Only two teams have ever forced a game 7 and won a series after being down 0-3 in a series, that number moved to three with a Flyers' Victory.

The Flyers have literally come back from the dead in this series, and from against all odds have forced a game 7.

According to Amy Fadool, of there are only three pro sports teams in history to come back from an 0-3 deficit, the last one to do so was the Boston Red Sox ... Boston may now be on the other end of it.

I will continue to say it, the Flyers must take one game at a time, game 7 is not a guaranteed win, especially in Boston.

The Flyers two big offensive weapons this series pulled through again for the team, as Captain Mike Richards and Danny Briere scored the Flyers two goals. The Flyers goaltender, Michael Leighton, allowed one goal with one minute left in the game ..... then the Flyers played strong defense and ended it; sending the series back to Boston.

Peter Laviolette talked after the game about game 7, he said "Our game will have to be better in Boston than it was tonight".

It is time to believe in this team. They have strong leaders and a strong head coach. This team could pull off the biggest series win in Sports History. They have done the impossible already, but the War is not over yet. They Flyers have to play one more against the Bruins in Boston Friday at 7 ..... once again a must win for the Flyers.

The winner on Friday will play the Montreal Canadiens, who defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in 7 Games, in the Eastern Conference Finals. Both Boston and the Flyers would have home ice advantage in that series.


Teams that lost after being up 3-0: 1942 Red Wings. 1975 Penguins. 2004 Yankees. Coming Friday: 2010 Bruins
Can the Flyers Make History?
By Kevin K

There have been only two teams in NHL history that have come back from being down 3-0 in a series, the Flyers want to be the third. The Flyers have cut the lead down to 3 games to 2 and continue to try to make history.

I continue to remain optimistic, but as I continue to tell you, I am looking at it one game at a time. I refuse to be a fan who assumes that the Flyers are already going to win game 7. They need to win 6 before they get to 7, keep your eye on the prize here fans.

In recent Philadelphia Sports history there is reason why fans and the team must focus on Game 6 first. I am going to give you the most recent example, the Phillies and Yankees in the 2009 World Series. The Phillies were down 3-1 in the series (much like the Flyers) and came out in game 5 and outplayed (both offensively and defensively) the Yankees in a true offensive explosion (much like the Flyers). Then Phillies then laid an egg in game 6, losing the World Series after all the fans and players were looking towards to game 7.

Now there is a different feel with this Flyers team. Chris Pronger is a true leader of this team and will get them focused on one game at a time. The Flyers have been able to replace their injured players accurately and better (Leino, Leighton). Gagne's return to the team really worked in their favor, as he has 3 goals in 2 games.

The Flyers also have home ice in Game 6. Normally home ice wouldn't mean much in the NHL playoffs, but the Wachovia Center is going to be rocking, not only because the Flyers are making history, but because Bruins fans threw condoms, yes condoms, at Flyers fans on Monday.

Our friends from attended the game on Monday Night in full out Flyers gear, were verbally abused, taunted, and had a few beers thrown at them.

Their blog said: “Beer cups, french fries, ketchup, popcorn – that’s all expected.”How about being hit with condoms?" Yes condoms were thrown at these Flyers fans, and they have photographic proof on their website. And they call Philadelphia un-classy.

It is time to step up hear fans. If you are heading to the game, be rowdy, be loud, be ready, one game at a time ..... it is time for the Philadelphia Flyers to make history.

Notes: Michael Leighton will be the goaltender for the Flyers, Boucher out with an MCL sprain.
Claude Giroux is expected to play.
Flyers Fighting
By Kevin K

The good thing about the Flyers win last night is that the final score wasn't 7-0 in the Flyers favor. Instead the Flyers had to fight to beat the Bruins in Overtime.

The Flyers had a 4-3 lead with 31 seconds left in the game, then Mark Recci haunted us Flyers fans and tied it up.

Flyers and Bruins then headed into OT.

Once Richards, Briere, and Gagne were in for the Flyers in Overtime, you knew they wanted to score and that's exactly what they did as Simon Gagne, who came off of surgery, scored the game winner in OT.

The Flyers have to fight in every game to win and get back in this series. I am glad that the Flyers did not have an offensive and defensive explosion last night because they would have been shut down in Boston on Monday. Instead, the Flyers fought for every goal and save.

Flyers are now down in the series 3-1 and have to play every game as if it is their last. Game five is in Boston on Monday night.
Bruins Lead Series 1-0
By Kevin K

The Flyers fell in Overtime today 5-4.

After nine day layoff the Flyers game out of the first period flat. Not exciting at all. The Flyers completely didn't look as if they wanted it.

They came out in the second and third clawing back in this game. They went down by two three different times and were able to get the game tied late in the third period. Danny Briere had the game tying goal, one of the most beautiful goal I have ever seen. However, Briere gave up on his man earlier in the game, which cause Boucher to get beat.

Boucher was standing on his head in Overtime, but was finally beat by Savard.

The Flyers were 2 for 5 on the Power Play today. The penalty kill was big for the Bruins, who, before today, didn't allow one power play goal versus the Sabres.

The Flyers are looking to get back into this series on Monday against the Bruins.

Although the Flyers started, and ended  a little flat, they came out of the first and second intermission hot and ready to.

Get ready for these Flyers to come out strong on Monday for game two.

Flyered Up
By Kevin K

It is officially the first game of the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the Flyers and the Bruins.

This coming more then a week since the Flyers have played last. The Flyers are well rested and that may be a little scary.

Without Carter, Gagne, and Laperierre  it is going to be harder for the Flyers to score on one of the top defenses in the NHL.

Now Laperierre isn't known for his goal scoring, but he is known for his Penalty Kill. He is one of the best at blocking shots and causing trouble on the Penalty Kill.

With these three players out that means players need to step up in place. Enter Ville Leino. Leino is a key player in the series and is actually some "experts" choices as the player of the series. He is a grinder who will give the Flyers opportunities to score. Leino is a player who will go under the radar this series but shouldn't be taken lightly.

A man to be taken lightly is Scott Hartnell. Hartnell has zero goals in his last seventeen games. A player that, for some reason, fans like. He has to really step up his game today without two of the Flyers top scorers today, He is going to also have to step up during the penalty kill without Laperierre in the lineup.

This is easier said then done. Hartnell takes to many stupid penalties and isn't around the goal enough to score. If there is one player on the ice today that scares me more then anyone .... it is Scott Hartnell.

We will see how the Flyers step up today, are they too rested or do they come out firing? It's time for the Flyers to prove that they should be there.

Lets Go Flyers !