Moment 9: Back to the Cup
By Kevin K

The Flyers capped off an amazing Playoff run with a trip to the Stanley Cup against the Blackhawks, in which the Flyers lost.

During the Conference Finals the Flyers came out strong and took care of business against the Canadiens. The Flyers took the series in 5 games after a great series by Captain Mike Richards.

The Flyers beat the Habs 4-2 in Game 5 to go back to the Stanley Cup for the first time since they played the Red Wings in 1997.

The magic of the Flyers postseason was capped off with the Prince of Wales Trophy. The Flyers were where they shouldn't have been. They overcame adversity and made it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

More of the Magical Playoff Run to come
Time to Take This!
By Kevin K

"There is one thing you can do for me, come here, WIN ..... WIN". All Philadelphian's know which movie this comes from that I don't think I even have to bother saying it and it fits perfectly into tonight's Game Six preparations.

The Flyers have their backs on the wall again in the postseason and look to force Game Seven tonight in Philadelphia.

I have never been more proud of Philly Phans during this run. There is no cockiness, no bitterness, just relentlessness. This is what we are here for, constant support of our teams and not to bring down others. You do not see Philadelphia posting a picture of Jonathon Toews in a skirt on the front cover of the Daily News do you? No because this city doesn't stoop to that level.

Our teams take it out on the field, or in this case, ice.

It is time to throw your support behind the Flyers, hoping, feeling, praying for a victory and a force of Game Seven.

It's time to win. No trash talk, no B.S., no excuses, no nothing, it is time to take over. This is our town, our team, and we support them 100% until death do us part.


Let's Go Flyers! One Game, One Period, One Shift, One Goal, One Save at a time for One City, who believes in you!
Game Six Preview
By Kevin K

"But ain't about how hard you hit... It's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward... how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That´s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you worth, go out and get what you worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits. And not pointing fingers saying: You ain´t what you wanna be because of him or her or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain´t you! You´re better than that!"-Rocky Balboa.

It's time for the Flyers to keep moving forward after Game Five. On Sunday the Flyers kept getting hit and flopped. The Blackhawks out physical-ed the Flyers and outplayed them, that can't happen in Game Six. The Flyers need to take these hits and move forward to their goal of a Stanley Cup Championship.

The Flyers need to step up their game and start outplaying the Blackhawks, without excuses. After Game Five even I made excuses for the players being beat, but that can't happen. There are no excuses, no one to blame ... it was all the team. The Flyers got beat, end of story. Lets not look back on the game and start pointing fingers because "cowards do that".

Now the Finals come back to Philadelphia, where the Flyers won the first two games here and the Blackhawks haven't won in thirteen years.

In order for a Game Six victory, the Flyers have to have steady defense and goal-tending. On Sunday, Chris Pronger was completely taken out of the game .... this can't happen in Game Six. Pronger needs to play well and out play the Blackhawks like he did in the first four games of the series.

The Flyers offense have been able to step up in the series and score. The problem is they need to step back in defense and help out. This has proven to be no easy task as the Hawks have been able to overpower the Flyers defense.

A game changer in overpowering the Blackhawks could be Dan Carcillo. Now Carcillo in my eyes is the most overrated Flyer who hasn't been a goal scorer, but he is a game changer. If Carcillo was in Game Five, at least in the first ten minutes of the game, Carcillo wouldn't be afraid to lay a hit down on the Blackhawks, who out hit the Flyers.

Now I am not saying remove JVR, who proved in Game Five he is able to step up and play hockey again. JVR helped the on the scoreboard in Game Five and seems as if he is finally able to skate again.

Peter Laviolette has a tough choice on who to play in Game Six in all levels of the Game. Does Carcillo return? How about Parent and Bartulis? And who is going to be the Flyers starting goalie come game time? This are all questions that will be answered before Game Six.
Flyers Down 3-2 in Finals
By Kevin K

The Flyers are heading back to Philadelphia as they look to avoid elimination on Wednesday Night.

In Game Five, the Flyers appeared not to be in Chicago during the first period of action. They were completely outplayed and looked as if they were killing a penalty the entire time as the puck was on their side of the ice with the Hawks on attack.

That is exactly what the Hawks did, they attacked in the first period. They Blackhawks out physical-ed the Flyers and out played them. They went up 3-0 after one period of play as the Flyers looked aweful.

Now, leaving Flyers fans cursing at the T.V. heading into the second, the Flyers went with Brian Boucher to replace Michael Leighton. It looked good when the Flyers cut the lead to two with a goal of their own, but Boucher allowed a goal on the second shot he faced in the game, giving the Hawks a 4-1 lead. The Flyers were able to cut the lead back to two a few minutes later with a Matt Carle goal, but the Hawks answered right back, giving them a 5-2 lead after two periods of play.

Another poor period for the Flyers in the third, gives me a headache and heartache as they tried to fight back, but fall 7-4.

Here is the upside to this, the Detroit Red Wings one Game Five 5-0 over the Penguins last year, but played terribly in Game Six and Seven to give the Penguins the Cup. This is what the Flyers hope to do. The Flyers are also 4-0 when facing elimination this year.

Downside, the Stanley Cup will be brought to Philadelphia on Wednesday if the Blackhawks win. The Hawks look to knock off the Flyers in Philadelphia for the first time in thirteen years. In history, the Flyers are 6-15 when losing Game 5.

They need to win in Philly on Wednesday and then take it back to Chicago and finally ruin Home Ice Advantage .... The series isn't over yet! LET'S GO FLYERS !!!!!
Game Five Preview
By Kevin K

So much for the experts right? Most experts had this game as the Cup winner for the Blackhawks ..... what they didn't realize is that the Flyers don't lose easily, at least this Playoff Flyers team.

No team has won away from home yet this series, as the Flyers look to change that tonight. The Flyers have to get out early and kill the crowds momentum early in the first. They have to keep at it and get offense out of all of their lines.

The key for the Flyers is Mike Richards, Simon Gagne, Jeff Carter, and Scott Hartnell. Richards and Carter have finally gotten on the scoreboard for the Flyers but have to continue to score and play tough. After having a good Finals, Scott Hartnell made a stupid mistake that almost cost the Flyers Game Four with his penalty.

These four guys really have to play to their potential and continue to stop Toews, Sharp, and Kane, like they have been.

Another key is JVR. I said this last week, if JVR can play hockey and be smart with his decisions he can change the game around. JVR has to take after fellow rookie, Ville Leino and step up his game.

The Flyers defense continues to be strong, but have to be stronger in Chicago. The Flyers were in the first two game in Chicago, but fell by one each time. This time the Flyers have to continue that aggressiveness and finally overtake Chicago on their home ice.

Chicago is getting nervous, and have actually tweaked their lines a little bit tonight, even though they will not announce what they have officially changed.

In their Cup Finals history, the Flyers are 3-2 in Game 5s. In all series, they are 27-7 when they win Game 5, and 6-15 when losing Game 5.

Ladd is supposed to return to the Blackhawks lineup tonight.
Our Itch is Getting Worse .....
By Kevin K

Yesterday, Flyers defense-man Chris Pronger was asked why he didn't grow a playoff beard, he said "it's too itchy". Flyers fans feel the same way .... just in a different way.

While the Playoff beard is itch, so is the Flyers fans need to win a Stanley Cup. It has been 35 seasons since the Flyers last won the Stanley Cup and after Game Three of the Cup it seems as if the Flyers have momentum. The problem still remains, the Flyers are in a little hole. The Flyers still remain down one game in the Finals and look to tie the series tonight in Philadelphia.

The Flyers seem play better as the game goes on and has outplayed the Blackhawks in the third period in the last two games and hope to continue their momentum tonight.

Some Flyers have really stepped up in the Stanley Cup Finals so far, and some have fallen off some. In order for the Flyers to succeed they need help from everyone who is active. The problem here is that some players aren't playing to their potential and that has become a huge problem for the Flyers.

In order for them to dig themselves completely out of the hole they are in, they need their first line to really step up. Jeff Carter, Simon Gagne, and Mike Richards have been shut down in the Finals and really need to step up their game.

On the other hand, Scott Hartnell (wow I can't believe I am saying this), Ville Leino, Claude Giroux, and Chris Pronger have really stepped up their game.

Hartnell has been really impressive in the Finals and is really playing well in the Finals and that has surprised even the biggest of fans.

Ville Leino was my pick as underrated Flyer and that is truly showing in the Finals. Leino is being double shifted and is playing the best out of the Flyers roster.  When asked about Leino, Ian Laperrere said, "I just told Ville, they should have traded Datsyuk instead of you". I know some fans were a little surprised with this comment, but Lappy was basically telling Leino that it was his skill and ability that has gotten the Flyers this far.

Is there much to say about Claude Giroux? Ever since his call up last season he has been the most clutch Flyer in the off-season, especially with his game winning goal in Game Three.

Chris Pronger has been an absolute shut down defense-man and has been able to shut down the Hawks first line offense.

Now the Flyers look to tie the series and send it back to Chicago tied, where hopefully the Flyers will be able to step up and scratch our itch.

Flyers Win Game Three
By Kevin K

The Flyers came through in Game Three in dramatic fashion (okay it wasn't that dramatic) to the Chicago Blackhawks in an Overtime win 4-3.

The Flyers were able to get on the board first, with a first period goal by Danny Briere. The lead didn't last long in the second as the Blackhawks tied it quickly.

Scott Hartnell continues to have a good Stanley Cup run with the goal to give the Flyers a 2-1 lead in the second. I never say this, mainly because I have never been a fan of Hartnell, but right now he is playing well and I am glad he is coming into his own this postseason.

Late in the second, however, the Hawks came back to tie it at 2. Then in the 3rd, the Hawks broke the hearts of Flyers fans with a goal to give them the lead. Flyers fans are hard to put down though as 20 seconds later, the postseason hero Ville Leino comes up huge for the Flyers again to tie it at 3 and force the game into Overtime.

Before the Overtime period, the Flyers were clearly outplaying the Hawks throughout the game and at the end of the third period especially.

The Hawks came out fierce in the Overtime period, but not fierce enoguh as Michael Leighton set aside their shots.

Then the horn sounds as if the Flyers scored to win ! NBC Philly jumps the gun and posts the Flyers win, but wait .... the goal is under review and it is reviewed a no goal by Gagne.

Then with 5:59 left in the Overtime period, the Flyers started digging out of a hole with a goal by Claude Giroux! Giroux redirected a pass from Matt Carle and sent the Flyers home with a 4-3 victory in Game Three.

The series remains in Philly for Game Four as the Flyers look to even the series with another win.

While your here, check out the audio of WIP and Flyers Play By Play Man, Tim Saunders, on Giroux's goal
I would like to thank CBS Radio and it's Employee's for sending me the audio to share with all of the Philly Phans out there
Game Three Semi-Preview
By Kevin K

"It's not like it's a new situation for us, we went through it. The good thing is we get to come back here in Philly and play the next two games. We have to focus on the game tomorrow, its going to be the biggest game of the season for us and we are going to start with this one," Simon Gagne said yesterday at the Stanley Cup Press Conference.

The Flyers need to focus and play their best in order to win Game Three. They need to go after rebounds and out physical the Hawks in order to score.

"We know it's going to be loud in here and it's something we can hopefully push through and feed off them and play consistently throughout the game a little bit better then we have," said Mike Richards on the Flyers return to Philly in Game Three.

The Flyers tend to work off the fans intensity at the game and that's what they plan on doing in Game Three. The Flyers are in a hole right now and with a win tonight, they can slowly dig out of that hole and make it a series.

"Not the time to get discouraged, not the time to try to do different things on the ice. I think if we keep plugging along, the way we have been playing and doing the things we've been doing, I think the results are going to come," -Mike Richards.

"That's all we can look at, we have to tighten up and get a little better," Chris Pronger said.

"You gotta enjoy the moment, it's not everyday you get here. You gotta kind of relish it and soak it up, you never know when it's going to be your last time," Chris Pronger said in response to him "having fun".

It is time for the Flyers not only to enjoy the moment, but capture it.

Flyers Fall Again
By Kevin K

In Game Two of the Stanley Cup Finals the Flyers fell to the Blackhawks 2-1.

There is not much to say except that the Flyers offense needs a wake up call after Game Two. In the first two periods the Flyers were outplayed on both sides of the ice. They had bad Power Plays and bad shots on goal.

The Hawks got the scoring underway in the Second Period with a goal by Hossa with bad defense by the Flyers. Then, 28 seconds later, former Flyer Ben Eager sends a wrist shot flying past the glove of Leighton. This gave the Hawks a 2-0 lead after two periods of play.

The Flyers were heading into the third period, where, when down after two have not won a game in the postseason.

Finally, Simon Gagne sends a slap shot turned knuckle-puck past Niemi to make it 2-1 Hawks. The Flyers continued to play strong but couldn't find the back of the net again.

The Flyers fell 2-1 in Game Two. The series now shifts to Philadelphia on Wednesday, where the Flyers are looking for revenge.

It isn't very hard to look for the last team that came back from 0-2 in the Stanley Cup to win it. It happened last season, where the Penguins went down 0-2 and came back to win the Cup in seven games. The Flyers and their fans hope the same is in store for them.

High Scoring Action in Flyers Loss
By Kevin K

I know I am a little late on posting this for you Phans, but I can't do everything while I am on a vacation weekend.

On Saturday the Flyers fell to the Blackhawks 6-5 in a back and forth game until the third period.

Besides goal-tending and defense (excluding Chris Pronger who was shut down) the Flyers looked sharp in the first two periods. They played hard and physical to keep up with the fast passed Blackhawks team. Ville Leino was able to put the first goal in for the Flyers, but the Hawks answered back with two of their own, making the score 2-1.

Scott Hartnell, who has really stepped his game up, scored to tie it, then Danny Briere took the lead on a great shot, 3-2 lead for the Flyers after One Period of Play.

The Hawks didn't waste much time scoring in the second, as most Philly Phans had the channel changed for Halladay's Perfect Game, the Hawks came right in and scored to tie it up.

Blair Betts was able to send one in for the Flyers then giving them a 4-3 lead, the last lead they would see in the game. The Hawks once again answered with another two goals of their own, Michael Leighton was then pulled for Brian Boucher.

With 71 seconds left in the second period and the Flyers down 5-4, Asham comes up big with a game tying goal for the Flyers.

Then the dreaded Third Period. The Flyers were completely outplayed in the third. They looked tired and defeated as they went down 6-5 on a shot where Boosh wasn't patient enough. The Flyers tried in the Final two minutes but couldn't send in a goal on chances by Pronger and Briere.

The Flyers fell in a rough Game One of the Playoffs and look to claim victory in Game Two on Monday.

The Blackhawks and Flyers combine for 11 goals off 20 assists, and not one of the 31 points came from a first-line player. Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Dustin Byfuglien, Mike Richards, Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne combined to go minus-16.