Kee’s Korner: Eagles the “best team” the Patriots will play all year
By Kevin K

I really just want to rant today. In case you didn’t know (and I know many of you have the same feeling as I do) I really do not like Patriots Coach Bill Belichick. When I say dislike, I mean really dislike him … I won’t say hate, but it is pretty close.

Now that the “mastermind” came out this week and said that the Eagles are going to be the best team they played all season really grinds my gears. Of course it wouldn’t be like that if the Eagles were playing like the Packers or Steelers. The Eagles are 4-6 and enter Sunday’s game without their “star” QB in Michael Vick, a star WR in either DeSean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin (one will play), and even with a possibility of one of the top CBs in the league out, Nnamdi Asomugha. The Eagles shouldn’t even be considered the best team the Patriots play all year.

Now looking over the Patriots schedule, sure the Eagles (talent-wise) are one of the top four teams the Patriots played this year, but Belichick cannot say this when he has losses to the best team the Patriots played all year in the Steelers. Not to mention a loss against the second best team they played all year in the Giants. Top that off with division rivals Jets and Bills (lost to the Bills).

This isn’t even a trap game for the Patriots as they look ahead to the worst team they will play all year next week in the Colts (who are 0-10).

So the “best looking team” nonsense comes from the Eagles talent that hasn’t been here all year, hasn’t been playing as a team, have been hurt, and are still 4-6!

Belichick’s comments in general are just insane and can only boost the ego of Coach Andy Reid.

Best team this year? Really? Maybe the Eagles can show up and win behind QB Vince Young against the best team the Eagles will play this year, the Patriots.



11/29/2011 07:57

Why would you direct your dislike of your team and coach towards a coach like Belichik who :

1: Never takes any opponent lightly. That is why the Patriots are so successful game after game, year after year.

2: Is friends with Andy Reid and would never throw a friend under a bus (See Eric Magini).

3: Genuinely knows that the Eagles are a dangerous team with McCoy and Jackson.

Pretty incomprehensible thinking on your part.


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